Sunday, April 22, 2007


Had a few amazing run-ins today.

1.) My 6 year old daughter is knitting a Chevron Scarf. Dude. And it's nice. I'll put up more picts when it's longer. But damn, she can PURL! K2Tog! Knit in Front and Back!

I need to remember this when she throws knitting needles at me when she's a teenager!

2.) My wrists no longer hurt since I've been working on the Chevron. I apparently needed to take a break from sock knitting. Yay for healing wrists. :)

Other than that the Chevron is growing longer and I'm waiting for my Rockin Sock Club shipment! Woohoo! See? I needed to rest my wrists. :)

OH! And the DD is using my kool-aid dyed yarn along with a skein of bare wool. Too cool. Not only is she knitting, but she's decreasing my stash! Wohoo!

Ok, enough exclamation points....