Saturday, April 28, 2007


I won't let myself be beaten by sticks and string.


(Deep Breath)

Ok, so I got my STR kit and I stink. That's all there is to it!

It took me an hour to finally figure out the cast on. It was hard for me to knit into the bottom of the cast on for the second needle stitches. I fought. And futzed and really wasn't getting frustrated, just trying to figure it out. It was just a challenge, you know?

Finally got it cast on correctly, finished the toe increase and then started on the pattern. It's not an easy one, requiring you to P2tog with YOs. Anyway, figured that part out and kept going for about 3 inches and tried it on.

It was too big. I was working with 2s and hadn't checked gauge. I'm a dork that way. I was 1/2 a stitch off every 2 inches, which amounts to 1 off in the 4 inch gauge.

I frogged. No big. Just have to do the stupid freaking cast on again. And the silk content of this yarn doesn't hold up well to frogging and futzing. It's starting to be fuzzy on the end.

I cast on for the medium with 1s. Finally got it, only took 1/2 hour this time, and finish the toe and it was too small.



So dug around and tried the Turkish Cast on, or the figure 8 cast on. It was easier and I cast on for the large with 1s and it still didn't fit right.

The yarn, which really is lovely, is having a little time out in my yarn bag.

I'm off to work on the chevron for a day and think about where to go from here.