Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sloggin and Waitin

Woohoo! My laptop is up again, thank goodness. For the 4th time, my powercord broke. Stupid Dell. It's an older model and they've actually fixed this problem in the newer models, but I'm still stuck replacing it. Anyway once the battery died, poof. That was it until the replacement cord came. I swear I felt like I was missing a limb. How silly is that?

Thanks for all the lovely comments on Jack's sweater. Now that my computer situation is back to normal, I'll be replying and cruising blogs again. :)

Here's another picture of Jack's Sweater, officially complete, buttons and all. Right now it's wrapped and I just need to take it to the Post Office. Got to get as much milage out of an FO as possible, you know.

Otherwise I continue to slog along on various projects. I've actually sent in for a password on the Slogalong. What a great idea, and since one of the slogging projects is the Perfect Sweater Sleeves from the Mason Dixon site, it's appropriate.

I have 8 more inches on each sleeve. Then I get to block, sew together and pick up for the v-neck. Soon soon. I WILL wear this sweater this fall. Yay!

I have NO idea what the hell made me pick this pattern for my first sweater. I think I figured 'Aww just SS, no big' OMG. SS from hell. It goes on and on and on get the point. But the end is in sight and I know I'll love wearing this sweater. Next one will be a top down EZ pattern. Screw seaming. ;)

Slogging project number 2, the hubby's sock(s). Really just sock, since I haven't finished the first one. Wow. I really feel for those of you who have knit a men's size 13 or something. My husband is an 11 and it's bad enough. I swear I feel like I've knit knit knit knit this thing and it never gets longer. You know it's bad when you lay the item out after every row and hope it's grown.

These will be an amazing pair of socks. I keep having him try them on to make sure they are going to fit. He has a high arch so I am doing a slip stitch pattern in the arch to make it nice and snug. It looks nice and he says it feels good. Just a few more inches, slap a toe on it and off to the next one.

Next week the new Rockin Sock Club shipment is due to be sent! Whoohoo! So what did I do? I went and order 2 skeins of mediumweight in Farmhouse and Watermelon Tourmaline.
Oh yay, I'm making one of these for myself. I think the Chevron Scarf has become some sort of virus around the net, much like Clapotis and Jaywalkers. But damn I really want one and I love those colors. I personally blame on Ashley for this! :) Originality be damned, I don't think I can improve it!

The other thing on my mind is this collection of yarn.

Rowan Summer Tweed. I think I'm going to make the girls tank tops, each with 2 colors. It's in the thought phase. I'm loving the colors though, so springy.