Sunday, January 6, 2008

2008 Resolution

I'm not a huge resolution maker. I've always figured if you want to change something, you change it. I'm simple like that. But this year I'm going for it. And I'm putting it up on the blog to make it all official like.

Get Your Shit Together

Again, it's simple, like me. This will be my little mental note to myself when..say I pull the coupons out of the newspaper. Get Your Shit Together and cut them out and file them!! Same with doing laundry...filing bills..etc. It fits all over the place.

The last 2 years have been trying due to our various living situations. We lived with my In-laws (God bless em) when we sold our home and didn't have anywhere to live, put all our stuff in storage and then, 6 months later, moved into a home that was literally HALF the size of our previous one.

Needless to say my Shit has been all over and disorganized since. But now that we finished the attic conversion and I have my office/yarn room/spare room, it's easier for me to dig through aforementioned crap and deal with it.

So YAY for resolutions! Yay for a great 08!