Thursday, January 17, 2008

Moving on...

My mom has knee replacement surgery this coming weekend. She lives in Texas, I live in Wisconsin, so I'm not going to be there for her. To assuage some of my guilt I knit her a pair of socks to wear in the hospital and at home. I used left overs and they don't match, BUT they are soft and squishy, so I hope she'll like them!

Mom's House Socks
Basic Sock w/short row heel
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Classic AL , 50/50 Alpaca/Wool
Needles: size 4
Started: January 2008
Finished: January 2008
Notes: These socks are made with leftovers. It took roughly 40 grams per sock. I cast on 44 stitches, used a short row heel, ribbed 2x2 down the entire foot, with SS on the sole and decreased to a kitchenered the toe.

It was a close call! I'm glad I managed to finish them.

We haven't seen tons of this in Milwaukee recently, but I had a snowflake land on my black wool coat. They really are amazing to look at!

I found a blanket my grandmother knit and duplicate stitch for me. It's very sweet and serves as a reminder to me of my crafty heritage. The things we create today will long outlive us and hopefully bring many smiles in the future. :) I just imagine her sitting in her rocker, knitting and then carefully stitching each square, all that time spent to create something for me.

Yea, I appreciate it so much more now.

Next on my needles are a quick pair of socks for the family friend who'll be helping out my mom during her recovery. :)