Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cross Crafting...

I was telling Nora (Knot Much of Knitter) that one of the reasons I was so determined to get my last pair of socks done was I had an itch to stitch.

But not knit stitch, rather Cross Stitch.

When I dug out all of my craft things from the basement I found my floss and supplies. I've missed this craft, it's just difficult to do with smaller children around, but mine are finally big enough!

I dropped by a local Stitching Store (The Stitch Inn in Elm Grove, WI). It's very cute. I'd never been in a store dedicated entirely to stitching.

You HAVE to love the Village of Elm Grove. They have a Knitting Store (The Yarn House), a quilting store (Patched Works) and the stitching store (The Stitch Inn) within 'spitting distance' of one another. Seriously they are within a city block of one another. Those women of Elm Grove know how to do things! Just ask The Woman Who Says Knit. The other important thing in that block is Le Cakery. Yep, it's a dangerous neighborhood to live near!

Anyway! Back to the crafting...

This is the first time I've stitched on linen and I'm not sure I like it all that much. *shrug* I would like to try to stitch with silk though. This is just good ole' DMC.

The pattern is cute. It's the complete alphabet and there are other words I'd like to make. Right now I'm doing JOY which is what caught my attention in the store. I like to stitch but I've learned the hard way that my attention span is short! There's no way I'd finish one of those large framed pieces. I keep my stitching to ornaments for Christmas and other smaller items.

Do you cross craft?