Tuesday, October 24, 2006

All about ME!

I'm working on MY socks. Yes socks for me. This is my 6th pair of socks and none for me. But I finally am on to MY Socks that Rock I bought at Stitches. The colorways are
Cove Light and Rock My World.

I think both are beautiful, but I do wish that they were more different. Live and learn. We'll have to see how these fit/feel on, but working with the yarn is wonderful. The colors are so beautiful, the yarn doesn't pill or stretch too much and is soft on the hands.

I started working in earnest on them yesterday at a S&B and ended up frogging the mini graph I did. *sigh* I'm not sure if I messed up the graph (entirely possible since I was AT a S&B) or if the pattern was just lost because the colorways are similar in some ways. The next two I've picked seem to stand out enough. Granted not screaming, which I kinda want, but live and learn!

Life's been interesting, we are working on our house trying to finish off the attic space for our 2 girls. My mother is coming to visit for a week and my sister in law got married last weekend and both my girls were in the wedding.

So how do I deal?

I knit. It's better than illegal drugs..granted at times it's not cheaper...