Wednesday, October 18, 2006 I hate it..

Finishing is tedious. I liken it to things like quilting..sewing clothes..scrapbooking. *shudder* I've attempted all the above, can do them passably, but can't stand them. They are work. And I don't enjoy them.

Knitting though, it's really amazing when you find your muse. But unfortunately the finishing is still there. So now I do my best to try and figure out ways to lessen the finishing; steeks, 3 needle bindoff, bind off with crochet hooks, pick up with crochet hooks.

And then I go make a bag that is really cool, but requires FAR too much finishing!! Work began in earnest on it today. Straps are in so the fun begins. They are beautiful and will really add something to the bag.

I'm using plastic canvas as a support system. I really want the bag to have some structure, and this seems to be working well.

Here's what it looks like inside and I'm tacking it down which is giving it a nice frame.
As to what the rest of it looks like, I'll let you see it when it's all done! Which will hopefully be in the next day or so. But I had to get tired of the finishing, right? Plus I had a knit night at the LYS, so I cast on a NEW project! :)

Should be a fun quick knit and then I'll be off onto my Socks That Rock! The yarn's out of it's hanks and in it's nice little tidy balls. It's so gorgeous. I just sit and look at the colors. But for sock yarn that special, it needs it's very own container! Which is where the Felted Bucket Bag came about. That and I got the yarn 50% off at a LYS Grand Opening. Whoot!

Oh and I did finish up the other mitt and have been wearing them daily. They are so comfy and quick and easy. I think I'm going to do another pair in a pastel for this Spring.