Sunday, October 8, 2006

The FO or the Process?

So, I found myself idle. Decided that I wanted to decrease the stash and had told my daughter I'd make her a scarf to match the hat I did. Out comes the yarn and I dutifully cast on.
Try to adapt the hat pattern into something for a scarf. Do so on cold meds. Not good.
And I frog.
And I cast on again the next day.
And I frog, realizing it's just going to look like crud. Off the cold meds comes clarity.
Dig out the Stitchonaries I own.
Cast on again.
Knit. Hate it.
Cast on a 2/2 rib, can't stand doing yet ANOTHER ribbed scarf.
Watch Law and Order rather than knit.

Wish my straps would come in for my felted bag, so I go to the Fabric Store and distract myself by buying the fabric for the lining. (no you can't see until it's all done! I promise yumminess)

Come home, see yarn and feel guilty.
Cast this on. And plug onward, gritting my teeth the whole while, telling myself my daughter wants this, I love her..yadayadayada.
It's horrible. What's wrong with me? I always thought I was a 'process' girl. Turns out I'm a product girl..or an amalgamation of the two. I'm bored with the process IF I don't like the outcome..or something like that.


So I'll finish this and wait wait wait
for my order from Knitpicks (Gloss for the fingerless mitts)
for my working swift
for my handles for my bag.

ugh. :)