Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Going through the motions!

Ok so last we talked, I was pushing along and thinking about felting in pieces. THEN I went into my LYS and found out one of the owners had put together the amazing felted bag in Interweave Knits. She felted the pieces individually and had such a problem horsing them all back into place. She actually had to trim some of her pieces. *shudder*

Now I'm sewing the bag together. It's really cute..I just hope it felts up well!

I'm trying to do the finishing well, so it holds up over time. Also I had another inspiration! I think it was an old Knitty pattern. Anyway it was a felted bag in the shape of a paper sack and they inserted a 'frame' with plastic canvas. Definately going to have to look into that. It's either that or use stabilizer with the lining material. I'll get that when I have it all felted. I DID order my kick arse handles. I'm telling you check this place out! Wohoo!