Thursday, October 12, 2006

Curse You Jo-Ann.Com!

Yes, curse them.
They are responsible for this.
It's a horrible sight.

Why are they responsible? Why don't I take some of the blame since I DID start trying to ball the skein late last night on cold meds?
Because I broke down and ordered a swift. I had a coupon and it ended up being a good 'deal'. Well my deal was defective. :P It has since been shipped back and I'm waiting for my replacement with baited breath. I'm sure it will be fine. but I couldn't wait!
Yesterday I got my skein of Gloss from Knitpicks and I'd finished Abby's scarf (photos forthcoming, she wore it to school today!). And *whine* I couldn't wait for my replacement swift. My hands were idle!!
So what did I get to do today? Fix the mess I made last night, wasting prime knitting time while my little one napped. :P Anyway it's finally in a nice neat little ball, so hopefully I'll get to cast on my fingerless mitts tonight!