Tuesday, October 31, 2006

To Knit or Frog?

I know! I'll do both!

As per previous post, I frogged my sock that rocks. It was too tight and for me, so that just isn't going to fly. So rip it rip it. All gone.

And I cast on again. Let me tell you, I'm getting darn quick at those bobbles! Anyway, this is where I'm at so far.
I decided I didn't like the heart chart, so I changed which I chose. It's so fun to do colorwork!

While browsing blogs the other day, I saw Flatlander was doing a Kitty Pi. And since I have so many pictures of THIS,
I thought it might be nice to make something for Loki that he could lay on without getting shooed away. I chose to go with Wendi's suggestion of Noro Big Kureyon (bulky weight wool, 176 yards/skein) but I couldn't find it at my LYS, so I grabbed a few skeins of normal Kureyon and figured I'd give it a shot.
It was gorgeous and figured since it will be sitting in my Living Room it might as well be nice...and Loki deserves it. :) On I knit. Really digging the increase and banging it out quickly. When I transferred to circs I realized, um this is just worsted weight. It is NOT going to felt with the body I want and you really can't double strand Noro, that would muddle the beautiful color transitions. (And Noro's too expensive to just 'give it a shot' when you know that the odds aren't in your favor.)

Rip it Rip it. Slip the Noro into the stash to become a hat and scarve for the hubby at a later date. Head back to the LYS and choose some cascade.

I plan on double stranding so it will felt up nice and thick to keep the kitty warm. Poor guy was born in Panama City, Panama and is now experiencing Wisconsin winters.
Hopefully I'm done with frogging. I do enjoy knitting, but it's awfully nice to actually finish something and have a product!!!