Saturday, October 14, 2006

Moving On

Fall has definately arrived here. It's down right chilly outside so we've drug out the various knitted goodies such as hats, scarves and mittens.

Abby's scarf is finished. I added a fun ruffle on it. I might add a more ruffles later. She's quite happy with it.

I managed to get my Gloss done up in a ball. (Only took me 3 hours to undo a 20 minute folly!) I cast on and took off on the mitts. It's a clever pattern so a fun knit. The yarn is easy to work with and lofty.
Now I'm onto the second and should finish it soon. The first one took 2 days.
Our local Knitting Guild held their Market Night. I managed to get out of there with only this. Which I love. It's for ME. I just need to find the perfect sock pattern for it.

But can you imagine, on a dreary February day, opening your sock drawer to find this?
Lorna's Laces Sunshine. What ELSE could you call it? I love it!

Yesterday my handles came in the mail. The very patient Plaid Messenger Bag has been sitting quietly in my breezeway. Now I need to get it all put together. Pictures soon I hope!