Tuesday, December 11, 2007

End of Year Meme

I saw this over on boogaj's Blog and thought it'd be cool to see! You list the first line of the first entry for each month. :) So here goes!

January Well the holidays are over, the tree is down and the presents all unwrapped.

February Yep, This is a quick/easy item but is so adorable.

March *Move along if you want your Rockin Sock Club Shipment to be a surprise* :)

April I took a day to bask in the glory of my Inside Out Socks.

May The Chevron grows...while the Walking on the Wild Tide went from a formative Grasshopper...to a time out in the 'Naughty Bag', back in a ball.

June Yep, alive and blogging again.

July Well we are getting ready for the haul to Texas.

August Yes, another FO I can't show you yet.

September Yep I'm slacker and slapping!

October Main Entry: hu·bris
Pronunciation: 'hyĆ¼-br&s
Function: noun
Etymology: Greek hybris
: exaggerated pride or self-confidence

November I think most people have heard the saying 'Like calls to like'.

December Before I was a knitter, I was a crafter.

This is an easy fun meme that gives you a glance back too see what was going on all year. :) If you decide to do it, leave me a comment so I can look too!